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Vertaalbureau De Goeij BV / DG Translations
Ceresstraat 13
4811 CA, Breda

Vertaalbureau De Goeij BV / DG Translations


SINCE 1985

Vertaalbureau De Goeij BV or DG Translations in Breda is a dynamic translation agency that produces translations for numerous national and international companies, primarily in European languages. Our experienced in-house and external staff produce quality work using the latest developments in the field of language and communication technology.

For years Vertaalbureau De Goeij BV has translated a wide range of documents for research institutes, government agencies, industrial enterprises (construction, (petro)chemical, software, electronics and foodstuffs), trade and transport companies, publishers, advertising agencies, firms of solicitors and notary offices.

DG Translations specialises in translating confidential and legal papers and marketing documentation. Our aim is to be the best in Europe in these three specialist areas. We do our utmost to ensure that our customers feel at home with us. In order to achieve our objective, we apply our clients’ expectations, procedures and rules as if they were our own.

Your end product is delivered according to your wishes from a healthy company which focuses on people and their talents. A company which believes in a driven, reliable and socially responsible approach to business. We constantly seek the best people and the best in these people, enabling them to make a meaningful contribution to themselves, the company and their environment. DG Translations wants to lay the foundation for the future, in both economic terms and for the new and young generations who wish to grown in the translation sector and who will take you, the client, with them on that journey!

Please contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to help you! +31 (0)76-5297711

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